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How to Play Online Gambling in Capsa Susun

Hello, greetings to gambling lovers in Indonesia, surely from all of you
can’t wait to read the article that I discuss this time. Currently
I will discuss the article about Capsa Susun Online Gambling that is on
Indonesia. For gamblers, you must be all familiar with the word
from the Capsa Susun game or even you are very foreign to hear the word
the? for those of you beginners take it easy I will tell you how
this game.
With the development of the era, technology is becoming more and more
sophisticated, you now don’t have to bother to go to a gambling place
to get through this game.
You can play online gambling by using only
your smartphone or computer and wherever you want to play.
At the right time, I will explain how to play gambling Capsa Susun Online, for those of you who don’t understand how this game is then you must look at and read this article slowly until it’s finished.
Capsa Susun Online Gambling Game
This type of gambling game has not been widely spread in the State of Indonesia
Because online gambling games are still taboo for the community
Indonesia, however this game has been legalized by neighboring countries.
This game is rarely encountered, but you don’t want to take it easy
means that no one provides this type of game, there are several sites
who provide this game.
How to Play Online Gambling in Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a game consisting of a maximum of 5 players with
distributes 13 cards to each player to be arranged and combined
with 3 levels being the highest card.
The top card consists of 3 cards and the middle card is 5 cards and the highest card
the bottom consists of 5 cards so that the arrangement becomes 13 cards.
How to Calculate the Levels of Playing Online Gambling in Capsa Susun
Each level has a different count. Each card has a different count
already distributed have their respective strengths and have an arrangement
to gain victory.

Order from lowest to highest
High Card & gt; High Card is the lowest card in the tier
game, which is calculated from the highest and lowest number of ASs
number 2 from 1 card set.
* Here’s an example: As-3-7-J-Q-K.
One Pair & gt; One Pair is the number of combinations of 2 of the same cards and 3
different cards, to get this type of card is very easy
once, and to win it is very difficult.
* Here’s an example: As-As-J-Q-K.
Two Pair & gt; Two Pair is the number of combinations of 2 of the same card and 1
different cards, to get this card will be easy but level
his win was only a few percent.
* Here’s an example: As-As-J-J-K.
Three Of Kind & gt; Three Of Kind is 3 Cards that are the same as 2 cards that are
different numbers.
* Here’s an example: As-As-As-7-8.

Flush> Flush is a combination of 5 cards of the same color
but the numbers that are owned are not consecutive.
* Here’s an example: 3-5-7-9-10.

Full House> Full House is a combination of 3 cards with a number
same and 2 equal number cards.
* Here’s an example: US-US-US-J-J.

Four of Kind & gt; Four of Kind is a combination of 4 matching cards and 1
different cards.
* Here’s an example: US-US-US-US-8.
Straight Flush & gt; Straight Flush is a combination of 5 cards with a picture
the same and must be sequential.
* Here’s an example: 7-8-9-10-J.
Royal Flush> This grade is the second highest tier within
This game and hard to get a royal flush is a combination of 5 cards
highest in the game with consecutive colors and numbers.
* Here’s an example: 10-J-Q-K-A
Dragon & gt; This level is the highest level in the capsa game
stack and cards are very difficult to get but if you are
getting this card you will 100% win immediately in the match
.Dragon is a deck of 13 cards with consecutive numbers and none
the same one.
* Here’s an example: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-As

That is the explanation of Judi Capsa Susun which I can explain, hopefully the article
this can be useful for you readers and good luck, hopefully
you are lucky in playing this game, Thank you.